How to use downTHEMall!
Download links and pictures
In the web page containing the links you want to download, right click and select downTHEMall! If not focused, click on "Links in the page" to see all the links present in the page. Select them one by one or using the filtering system right under the list. Choose a folder where dTa can save the downloaded files. When ready, click on "Start downloads!": the progress screen will appear to show the status of your downloads.
Same procedure for pictures, but select, if not focused, "images present in the page".

Downloading all in a click? You can, with Turbo-dTa! It applies the last preferences you setted to download files from the page. You can run it by right click, tools menu, or adding the turbo-dTa button to the toolbar.

Advanced Options
You can open Advanced Options window clicking on Adv. Options, bottom right in the Select links window, or from the Firefox Extensions manager.
In the Advanced option tab you can set if you want to show Turbo-dTa in the right click menu, the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, and if you want an alert box to let you know the end of downloads.
In the Filter extension tab you can add new filters or modify the existing ones.